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Our Journey

4 years ago, Olga and I decided to change our busy lives and look for a sea change. 

Coming out of hospitality, running large scale hotels and restaurants, we were looking for something to fulfil the next chapter of our lives. 

Whilst out one day, I ended up in Watsons Bay scouting for a new venture. During my visit it was revealed to me that the local Milk Bar / General Store was on the market. 

My initial response to the agent was,

"Are you serious? Do you think I'm looking for a Milk Bar?"

He convinced me to just have a look and that was it... And the rest is history. 

I walked into the property and upon exiting I turned back, took a look at the whole picture and said to myself-  

"Maybe yes." After imagining what it could possibly become. 

On the way home from the meeting with the agent, all the questions were centred on finding out more about this opportunity. 

I went home that evening and immediately told Olga"

 "Hey I think I found something. She immediately replied,

" Let's go have a look, I want to see it tonight!"

That very evening we returned to Watsons Bay, the store was open and we kindly asked to go through the property, in which they obliged. 

We both thought: "Yes, we can really can do something with this!"

It was a blessing to have grasped this opportunity to both run this fine business and live in the most beautiful village in Sydney.

"I dedicate this story to my wife Olgamy family, 

all my friends and to the special people where I live."

Try and buy my

truly Great coffee

It has taken probably 30 years to experience the good and bad in the industry and in life. I have truly refined my senses. 

"I'm sure you will have the pleasure to experience

the finest things in life on

my here say."


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